Thanks for stopping by, we are excited that you are considering us for your seasonal employment.

The Pickle Station is a family owned and operated business located right here in Chatham-Kent and we have been in the pickle business since 1964. We have a fun& safe season in store for you that normally begins in early July and runs till around Labour Day; so, you can expect a lot of hours this season if you want them! We are always on the lookout to add amazing people to our dill-lightful team and we have employed thousands of local students over the past 55 years and now want you to apply. If you will be 14 years of age or older by July 1st, complete the form below to be apply to be a part of our pickle family!

We believe you will find that working with us at The Pickle Station is as rewarding as anything you’ll find in all of Chatham-Kent.

Round 1 – Full Season Employment (July – Labour Day)

Completed by June 18th

Round 2 – August Employment (August – Labour Day)

Completed by July 22

Seasonal Job Application